How To Make An Alias In Kali Linux

Kali Linux requires a large amount of commands. Some of these can be hard to remember, luckily, there is a simple command called an alias that allows you to shorten a long command down to one short word. The kind of alias we’re creating today is a temporary alias, which means that they will only be usable for one session (until you restart kali), then they will no longer work. If you are looking to go through the longer, but permanent process of create permanent aliases, check out my tutorial on Creating Permanent Aliases.

Step One:

Start kali Linux and open a terminal.

Step Two:

In the terminal, type alias [shortcut]="[action]"

Replace [shortcut] with the shortcut word(s) you want, and replace [action] with the command you are making the alias for. (Do not remove the “” marks).

Example: alias stop="exit"

Step two

In the above example, we have created an alias that makes stop equal to exit. So now whenever we type stop, the terminal closes just as if we typed exit. Pretty cool huh?

Once again, this is a temporary alias, and it’ll no longer work after Kali restarts. To create permanent aliases that will remain forever, go here.

Have a nice day!