How To Build A Fast And Converting Email List

Step #1 Figure Out A Gameplan
How To Build A Fast And Converting Email List
Why are you building this list?
What is your niche?
What kinds of offers and information will you be sharing and promoting to this list?
How many people would you like to have on your list?
Yes, these are very basic questions, but you really need a game plan going into this,
because some of the steps ahead do require you to purchase a few things so you want to
be very clear on exactly what your goals are for building this list.
**The primary way to build a list is by first demonstrating or exchanging some kind of
value. Usually this is done in the form of a free video or PDF download, etc. about the
niche or topic of the kind of list you are trying to build.
Example #1: If you were going to build a list about health and fitness you might
consider creating a short video or report teaching people what the best foods to eat are
and why or share with them some easy to implement exercises they can do from the
comfort of their homes without using any weights.
Example #2: If you were building an Internet Marketing list, I would do some research,
figure out what kind of information and questions people are asking out there on
Internet Marketing forums and blogs and create a short info product that you can give to
others where you share answers to those questions.
The main point here is you want to give provide true value to others, NOT some
rehashed PLR that you purchased on some site for $4.97 that anyone can go out and buy.
You're doing this to both build trust with the user and it also establishes you as an expert
in your niche.
Take some time, do some research, and figure out how you can demonstrate value to
people in your niche. The solution may not come overnight but you will need it in future
steps. Below are just a few examples of information products that you can give to
- PDF or report
- Videos
- Audio or transcribed interview with an expert in your niche

Step #2 Purchase Your Domain Name
After you have decided which niche you are going to build your list in and what you are
going to give to others in exchange for their email, the next step in the process is to
purchase a domain name.
A domain name is much like a filename on your computer. It is the address that users
type into their browsers to find you online.
You can purchase a domain from many different places online. However, I have found
that Namecheap is a very fast and simple place to do it and is where I purchase all of
my domains.
I would recommend choosing either a .com, .net or .org domain if possible, but you can
certainly choose any extension you wish.

Step #3 Purchase Hosting
After you have purchased your domain name, which is how users will find you online,
you will need to purchase hosting. A hosting account is where and how the files of your
website are stored online. Much like your hard drive stores the files on your computer, a
web host stores the files of your website such as your: webpages, images and videos.
Again, there are several different places online where you can purchase web hosting, but
I recommend using HostGator.
If this is your first domain and you are ONLY planning on having one website you can
actually purchase your domain and hosting through as a bundled deal,
but I highly recommend when selecting a hosting package that you choose the Baby
Plan, which allows you to have multiple domains, because you may in the future decide
to purchase and set up additional websites and lists.

Step #4 Set Up An Autoresponder
The step after setting up your domain and hosting is to go find an autoresponder
solution. An autoresponder is how you will capture people's email addresses and
schedule messages to send to them.
As with domains and hosting there are many different autoresponder solutions available,
but I highly recommend using GetResponse. GetResponse is very simple to use and
setup, comes with great training and support and has a free trial at the moment.

Step #5 Setting Up Your Squeeze Page
After you have your domain and hosting purchased and your autoresponder account
created, the next step is to go ahead and set up your squeeze page or lead capture page,
which is the page that you will create in order to capture the leads coming to your site,
so that you can build your email list.
For this I highly recommend using a very easy to use tool called Optimize Press.
Optimize Press is a Wordpress theme that allows you to quickly and easily create
professional looking squeeze pages.

Step #6 Buy Traffic
So, those are essentially all the steps of setting up your foundation to build your email
list. Once you have those set up and in place, the only thing left to do is to buy traffic.
Sure you can spend time trying to rank your lead capture page and site using SEO or by
sharing it across social media, but that could take forever. The fastest and easiest way to
build a list is to buy targeted traffic.
Now, there is no one special place to purchase traffic from. There are thousands of
sources, and it mostly comes down to experimenting and testing to see which works best
for your offer, but below are a few sources that you can use to send traffic to your
Internet Marketing squeeze page to help build your list.
Clixsense – a PTC website that offers affordable real traffic. To save even more money I
recommend buying traffic to the ClixGrid game.
AdHitProfits – another PTC site that offers a little higher quality traffic but also at a
higher price. However this traffic is from people who are usually already involved in
other opportunities and spending money online.
Revisitors – an affordable solution for purchasing real visitors and traffic to your site.
Solo ads – with solo ads you are purchasing clicks from other marketers who have
already built a list, so it's very targeted traffic. To learn about the best Internet Marketing
solo ad vendors I recommend MySolodex.
DedicatedEmails – a source where many of the top online and email marketers
purchasing their traffic to build their lists.
That's really all there is too it! One of the fastest and easiest way to make money online
is to set up a way to build a list and to send traffic to your squeeze page offer.
Just make sure you have something of value to give to them in exchange for their email.
And I would recommend having people double opt-in to receive your incentive
giveaway, that way they at least have to confirm their email address, which can help get
you lower spam complaints and unsubscribes in the future.
And then once you have people on your list, continue delivering value to them and treat
them like gold because they are essentially your online ATM. If you treat them right,
each time you hit the send button, if you're recommending a product, tool or service, you
should be making money.
I recommend promoting offers from sites like JVZoo or other products that pay you
instantly starting out, just so you can start to see the power of having a list.
Most people's goal is to reach $10,000 / month. If you built a solid list of just 1,000
subscribers and once a month sent them a high quality offer where you earned $10 for
the sale, you would reach your goal. However most products generally pay more than
that, and a percentage of people always tend to go for the upsell if the offer has a high
converting sales funnel.                                   
And it's just that simple. You don't have to buy any more products, tools, or upsells.
Having a list is your ultimate goal. And if you ever want to make more money in the
future, simply scale up by purchasing more traffic from the profits you earn.
I hope this information has been helpful and you got a lot of value from it. If it has I
would greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave a positive rating and review to
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