How To Get 1GB For Just N100 (NGN) on MTN

With the competitive market going on here in telecommunication industry in Nigeria, each ISP (Internet Service Provider) is trying to offer their customers the best deals they can get at their money rates, in my own opinion I can't really say we have affordable and cheap internet here in Nigeria, but we do manage with what we get and try to keep our expenses on internet and network bills as minimum as possible.

So what's new?

MTN Nigeria now offers customers to buy 1GB data for as low as N100, this is the first time in Nigeria and for me the cheapest internet plan right now for everyone.

How to activate this plan?

Dial *131*100# and send it to activate this data offer.


1. Autorenewal feature, which means you don't have to keep dialing the codes to activate your data.
2. You actually enjoy 1024MB of internet data for just measly N100.
3. Data is valid for 30 days


This new offer is only for lucky customers, yes I mean LUCKY, cos as superb as this offers sound,  it will only work on 2 out of 10 sims. Regardless of whether you have a new SIM or an old one, this offer is very sim selective and which means you might probably get a message saying you are not eligible for the offer.
TIp: Before trying out this code make sure you have at least N100, on your phone and let it auto-renew.

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